Your first Git project on Windows using the Github GUI client

I asked a friend recently to share his code with me, using Github.

He came back a few days later. He had tried but failed to upload the code. And then I remembered my first time with Git. All the tutorials, including the official one from Github, give you a hundred command line arguments to type. I forgot the commands five minutes later.

I’ve been using SVN for like 10 years now, and the only commands I remember are svn co and svn ci. While some people love the command line, most don’t (and I work entirely on Linux at work).

Anyway, I decided to create this small video ~10 minutes that shows you how to create your first Git project, with nary a command line in sight.

Level: Complete beginners to Git, who want to use a GUI client with Git

OS: Windows, though Mac should work (as I’m using the Github client).

Update (3/9/15): In the video below, I recommend not using your real email, as it’s publicly visible. I created a fake email, but there is now a much better way. In your Github email settings, you can choose to make your email private, and it gives you the option to use a email address that connects to your real email. I recommend you use that now, especially since Github now does use your email to track which repositories you contributed to.


Github Client for Windows

The Github project I created:

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