Use Python to Become AWESOME at your job

Stop Doing Boring Work. Use Python.

Do you sit at your desk, bored out of your mind, clicking buttons?


Use Python to code away the boring parts of your job.

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Topics we will cover:

  • Read/Write Ms Word/Pdf files
  • ¬†Automatic report generation
  • Automate system admin tasks. Write scripts that run at fixed times
  • Monitor a file for changes, and run a script when it changes
  • Website automation, including logging into websites, and getting data hidden behind login pages, clicking on buttons etc. Achieved!
  • ¬†Combining data from dozens of files (Excel, text, Csv), removing bad data , and optionally, graphing it.
  • Working with large folder structures, hundreds of files, including removing duplicate files.
  • Multiprocessing: Use all cores on the same machine.
  • Distributed processing: Use external servers to offload tasks
  • Using Cython to speed up your code. A section on Numba, a just in time compiler that aims to speed up your code without having to use C/C++

A virtual machine (Vagrant based) will be provided, so you can start coding immediately.

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