Maintenance Mode

Thanks for visiting my site,

I built this a few years ago, more as a tool to learn advanced Python myself, and am happy this site has helped so many people.

However, changing interests and family pressures mean I no longer have time to work on it. It doesn’t help that as the site has become popular, getting 100,000 visits a month, maintaining it has become expensive. I was paying £400-500 just to host the site. To keep it properly running, you then also need extra features like regular backup, security/virus checks, all of which cost time or money.

I’ll be moving the site from WordPress to a static site, which will be a lot cheaper. But it does mean some features like search, contact, and a few Javascript based thingies will break. 95-97% of the site should continue to work correctly.

I won’t remove anything from the site, as so many people find it so helpful; but neither will I be doing anything active on the site.

Thank you again for visiting, and hope you found it helpful.