Installing the libraries required for the book

Intro: Start here

Installing the libraries required for the book

Beginners Start Here:

Create a Word Counter in Python

An introduction to Numpy and Matplotlib

Introduction to Pandas with Practical Examples (New)

Main Book

Image and Video Processing in Python

Data Analysis with Pandas

Audio and Digital Signal Processing (DSP)

Control Your Raspberry Pi From Your Phone / Tablet

Machine Learning Section

Machine Learning with an Amazon like Recommendation Engine

Machine Learning New Stuff

Machine Learning For Complete Beginners: Learn how to predict how many Titanic survivors using machine learning. No previous knowledge needed!

Cross Validation and Model Selection: In which we look at cross validation, and how to choose between different machine learning algorithms. Working with the Iris flower dataset and the Pima diabetes dataset.

Natural Language Processing

0. Introduction to NLP and Sentiment Analysis

1. Natural Language Processing with NTLK

2. Intro to NTLK, Part 2

3. Build a sentiment analysis program

4. Sentiment Analysis with Twitter

5. Analysing the Enron Email Corpus: The Enron Email corpus has half a million files spread over 2.5 GB. When looking at data this size, the question is, where do you even start?

6. Build a Spam Filter using the Enron Corpus

First of all, as I’ve recommended many times before, you need to download Anaconda Python. It will install 99% of the libraries you need.

The only thing left to install will be OpenCV3, which is a real pain. To really install OpenCV with all its extensions requires a PhD in Quantum Electrodyamics.

Like This Guy

I’ll give you the easy version.

Install Opencv 3 on Windows

1) Go to this page:

2) Download the .whl file for your platform.  So if you have a 64 bit machine with Python 3.6, download the file opencv_python‑3.2.0+contrib‑cp36‑cp36m‑win_amd64.whl

3) Install it using

Install Open CV on Linux

Easy Way

For those who followed my advice and installed Anaconda, OpenCV can be installed in one command. Up to date instructions here:

The only problem with above is that it doesn’t support ffmpeg, so you won’t be able to open/save video files. That said, the webcam will work.

For the masochists

If you must have ffmpeg support, or if you just like installing code from source, mainly because you hate yourself.

Then the instructions are here:

Those instructions are incomplete, you need to add the -DWITH_FFMPEG=ON flag to cmake. If you get stuck, you will need to ask Stackoverflow, whereupon they will call you an idiot.

It does work, eventually.

Install Opencv 3 on Mac

Thanks to Vish for testing and providing these: