Data Science Lessons

To begin with:

I recommend you use Anaconda with Python 3. Here is the reasoning why.

Once you have Anaconda 3 installed, make sure you are using the exact same version of libraries I’m using.. See this link to create a conda environment similar to mine.

If you are new to Python, this is the best tutorial I found. And it works with IPython! I recommend you fire up an IPython session and type alone, rather than looking at his solutions.

If you have never used Jupyter (IPython) notebooks, watch this video.

Data Analysis Intro

If you are new to Data Analysis in Python / Pandas, watch this video series (in order).

Introduction to Pandas with Practical ExamplesCatch up on Pandas with these practical examples

The next video builds on the previous: Analyse visitors to a website

And what happens when our website data contains really bad data? Website Visitors Part 2: Dealing with Corrupt Data

Finally, a slightly more complicated example, that also contains the first practice session, we will look at how to open a 5 Gigabyte file in Python. This also serves as an intro Sqlite.  Open a 5 GB file in Python using Sqlite

Machine Learning

Start with this video, created for complete beginners:  Machine Learning For Complete Beginners