The Attack of the Over Engineering Cowboy Programmers

The Python is Slow Myth

The Programming Interview from Hell

This is What Python Beginners Have to Deal With The post I was scared to write; but after 10,000 views in 1 day, it seems I’m not the only one struggling with this.


Data Analysis Intro

I recommend you use Anaconda with Python 3. Here is the reasoning why.  Once you have Anaconda 3 installed, make sure you are using the exact same version of libraries I’m using. This environment is only for the data science lessons.

Introduction to Pandas with Practical Examples

Analyse visitors to a website

Website Visitors Part 2: Dealing with Corrupt Data

Open a 5 GB file in Python using Sqlite

Machine Learning

  Machine Learning For Complete Beginners Learn how to predict how many Titanic survivors using machine learning. No previous knowledge needed!

Build a Twitter Analytics App

1 Introduction: Start Here

2 The First Step: Design Your Solution

3 In Which I Rant a Little

4  Design Solution

5 Writing Great Code

6 Writing the Backend Twitter Server

Writing the Code in Small Parts: Part 1, The Basic App

Part 2: Adding a Counter to Exit

Part 3: Adding Language and Retweet Count

Part 4: Organising Our Code

7 Adding the Data to a Database

8 Testing: What and How to Test

8.1 Testing Our Frontend

8.2 Testing Our Backend

9 Displaying our Data using the Flask Webserver

9.1 Introduction to Flask

9.2 Adding templates to our Flask app

9.3 Displaying our Tweets in the Flask Web Server

10 Future Work and Improvements


Natural Language Processing

0. Introduction to NLP and Sentiment Analysis

1. Natural Language Processing with NTLK

2. Intro to NTLK, Part 2

3. Build a sentiment analysis program: We finally use all we learnt above to make a program that analyses sentiment of movie reviews

4. Sentiment Analysis with Twitter: A practice session for you, with a bit of learning.



Xkcd Style Sql Injection Hack in Python


Working With Large Excel Files in Pandas (guest post at external site)

Your first GUI app with Python and PyQt

Analyzing Obesity in England With Python (guest post at

Stop the “Works on My Machine” Syndrome


What the Bleep is Docker?


Build a Reddit Bot Series

Part 1: Read posts from reddit

Part 2: Reply to posts

Part 3: Automate our Bot

Part 4: Marvin the Depressed Bot

Face detection using a Webcam (guest post at RealPython)

 Face recognition with Python (guest post at RealPython)

Why IPython is the best thing since sliced bread

What do you mean you can’t choose between Python 2 and 3?

3 and 1/2 ways to try Python without installing it

Your first Git project on Windows using the Github GUI client

Python on Windows causing you pain? Try Anaconda

Stop struggling with Python on Windows

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